Up & Coming: A Post in an Attempt to Make Myself Feel Less Cluttered.

You know how sometimes you have approximately 8 million things you want to do and about a quarter of the time necessary to accomplish three of them?

Yep. Me. That’s me.

My bed is covered in clothes that I need to try on so I can determine whether I want to take them to school or donate them to Good Will. Somewhere in the mass of clothing are books, recipes, CDs from the library I checked out weeks ago but have yet to listen to, nearly every book I swore I would read this summer before everything went to hell, and probably a pair of shoes stuck between my headboard and mattress.

The state of my bedroom floor is considerably worse. Coupons, pillows, newspapers, a Rolling Stone about Paul McCartney, old textbooks my school bookstore wouldn’t buy back, my stereo, some electronic cords for…I don’t even know what. Not to mention the shoes and belts and photographs and ugh.

We’ll leave that there.

Now that I’m finally finished with work and have a spread of “free” hours in the coming week (ha, yeah, right. I haven’t relaxed in about two years), my end-of-summer panic has welled up and suddenly I’m experiencing a summertime crisis: the fact that, in the two months I have been out of school, I have not accomplished any of the leisurely/semi-enjoyable things I so desire – and, for lack of better terms, crave.

(Yes, I hate the word “crave.” But yes, I just used it. That’s how unfortunate I’m feeling right now.)

This summer did not turn out how I wanted it to. Not even a little.

Why am I sitting on the floor of my bedroom pumping out a blog post, then? Because it’s like crossing off an item on a “to-do” list (for lack of a better analogy, I swear my blog isn’t an obligation. I swear). That’s how my mind works; small “successes” propel me to do other ones. Otherwise, as I was orating to my mother in the car earlier today, the tidal wave of panic knocks me to the sea floor of life and renders me absolutely incapable of doing one productive thing, let alone many.

This is all coming from the girl who has to periodically delete all of her emails and bookmarks in order to re-regulate her breathing.

Anyways, God willing I will bake and photograph the heck out of everything in my kitchen in the next 8 or so days, then at least draft posts to spread them out throughout my semester – and add new ones, of course. Armed with a camera (albeit without my gorgeous partner in crime) and a slew of college dorm-able recipes, I’ll fight the good fight.

Baked, drafted, & soon to be posted:

  • homemade nut butters (so original)
  • homemade Larabars
  • various sorts of accidental & purposeful breakfasts
  • musings over various sorts of breakfasts
  • ridiculously and literally addictive super easy granola bars
  • more delicious food photography from Europe
  • perhaps a Wordless Wednesday or two

Stay sweet.



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