Current Thoughts Occupying Space in my Brain Concerning This Blog: A Note.

  1. I should make a real post.
  2. I should upload pictures for said real post. At least get them off my camera. They don’t even need to be sorted into a particular folder, just…on my computer.
  3. (I’ve been awake since 4 AM and then worked a 10 hour shift and now I am so tired I don’t even understand how keyboards work.)
  4. Does anyone else feel guilty/”less”/inadequate for not adhering to a “clean” or gluten-free or vegetarian or vegan or “health nut” lifestyle? Like, posting all my recipes with butter and (gasp!) white flour makes me feel like a villain, a fatty, and a plebian all at once.
  5. My nose is really stuffed up and that has nothing to do with this blog other than the fact that it is part of the human who runs this blog.
  6. There are several posts that I’ve begun. One will be up soon.

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