Cakey Notes + Updates.

You know how sometimes you anticipate something and assume that, since you’ve experienced something of the sort before, you’re even better prepared to handle this particular situation?

Ha. I laugh at my naive self of three weeks ago.

College has hit me over the head with a shovel, dragged my body into a van, and will be holding me hostage for an unannounced amount of time. Already this semester I think I’ve had more homework than I did for most of my classes combined last fall. Most of my time has been spent in class, doing homework, doing laundry, and crying. Definitely that last one.

Ugh. It’s 4:30 in the afternoon and I just want to go to bed. You feel me?

Life is hard.

Now, the point of this post: I’m still alive! Cakey Bakes is still active! Unfortunately, posting and recipes will depend on my courseload and availability of the kitchen, as well as access to Kathryn’s iPhone’s camera. Inevitably, however, procrastination will follow wherever I go, and creativity is one of procrastination’s children. Recipes will be followed, desserts will be made, messes will be cleaned. Posts will be written, life will go on.

Here are a few notes & up-and-coming things:

  • In my excitement last week in making eggless chocolate chip cookies, I only took pictures of the dough, not the finished product. Sigh. That recipe will be posted…sometime. Soon.
  • Previously mentioned Kathryn (my roommate, partner in crime, taste tester extraordinaire, and woman after my own heart) & I will soon be starting up an etsy store. Stay tuned.
  • Some older recipes stuck in my drafts folder will be popping up. If I can find the photos I took.
  • What say you about my new signature? (At the bottom of this post)
  • Finally, thanks for sticking with me on this road, through the questionable photography and strangely worded posts and intermittent hiatuses.


(in lieu of any of my recipes, give these other bloggers some lovin’.)


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