Wordless…Aw, Man: A Cakey Bakes Apology & Explanation.

Mes amis.

Let’s talk real life.

Okay, baking is real life. I mean, my job. The fact that my job has consumed my life. The fact that I’m at work almost more than I’m at home…or not at work. With this new project going on, baking has been going on the backburner. In case you were interested, or require further proof of my busy-ness, here’s what my schedule has been like, approximately, for the past week and a half.

4:15 AM – wake up. Stumble to kitchen. Force feed myself caffeine and something that resembles breakfast.
4:30 AM – drive to work.
5 AM – start work.
4 PM – drive home.
4:30 PM – arrive home.
4:36 PM – crash.
5:30 PM – dinner.
6:30 PM – act like a zombie. Attempt to read; fail miserably. Charge iPod and phone. Prepare lunch for the next day. Watch Jeopardy!, maybe. Attempt to write. Attempt to clean.
8:30 PM – shower. Long, hot, hot, hot shower.
9 PM – begin evening wind down. Drink a gallon of herbal tea.
10 PM – accidentally pass out in front of the TV.
Midnight – realize I passed out in front of the TV. Drag my broken body upstairs; microwave heating pad to put on my shoulders. Fall into bed.
4:15 AM – wake up.




Needless to say, I’m exhausted. Not only has this job made me physically exhausted, but it’s been taking a huge toll on my mental as well as emotional health. Tired, unhappy Cakey = no baking motivation = no material for Cakey Bakes.

I’m sorry. I truly am. I know I don’t have a lot of followers, but I understand the frustration of an absent blogger and a boring blog. As soon as work is over (next Friday will be the end, huzzah!), there will be recipes galore. Galore, I tell you!

Thank you, dear followers. Thank you, dear readers. Thank you for dealing with my unannounced hiatuses and inconsistent posting.


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