…double whoops.

Can we please just talk about how busy I’ve been lately? Can we please talk about how I’ve been awake at 4 AM for the past three days to go to work? Can we please talk about how I’ve been working overtime, which means I’ve already worked about 38 hours this week? It’s hot, it’s humid, and I can’t remember the last time I wasn’t drenched in sweat, or didn’t have coffee breath. The most quiet time I’ve had recently is the half hour lunch break in my car. The best iPod headphones I’ve ever owned decided to take a trip to The Land of Broken Electronic Accessories. Like, I barely have time to do laundry, let alone turn on my oven or turn on my computer or open any of the books I planned to read this summer but are gathering dust, just like my poor, lonely guitar that’s sitting in my closet. Also, I don’t know how to talk to boys.

I wish I could say my lack of posts is owing to the fact I’m a bum, or a busy college student seeing the world, or a busy college student spending time with the friends she never sees when she’s six hours away from them for most of the year, or anything more fun. No, it’s because I’m too tired to do things when I get home at 3 in the afternoon after being on my feet for far longer than any human being should be on cement flooring.

Guys. I just want a decent breakfast. I want to wake up sometime after 5 AM. I want to enjoy my summer. I want to go to the beach or the pool or, heck, run through the sprinkler in my backyard so I can finally wear the new swimsuit that’s sitting at the bottom of one of my drawer. I want my cartilage pierced and I want to be fluent in French before I take that scary 300-level course in the fall. I want to bake things and share them with you.

From the bottom of my exhausted, dehydrated heart, I am terribly sorry for my lack of updates, for missing Wordless Wednesday yesterday (gah!!), and for being an all-around lame blogger. Hopefully, after I’ve recuperated this weekend from the absurd amount of hours at work, I’ll have a recipe for you all. Thank you for reading this, dears, and enjoy the rest of your week. ❤

xo, Cakey


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