Cakey Bakes Updates!

Bon soir (or bon matin, or bonjour), my friends! Here are a few updates for those of you who are interested.

  • Working full-time on my feet is incredibly draining, so please bear with me as posts continue to be sporadic (except for Wordless Wednesdays, for obvious reasons). I’m doing my best! (Work also seems to be zapping my attention FIREWORKS span…which only makes matters worse. I’ll do my best, I promise!)
  • Seeing as I don’t have to work this weekend, I’m hoping to get a recipe up tomorrow and another on Sunday. Well, tomorrow for sure, Sunday if the in-progress recipe goes well.
  • Thanks to Google Drive, I’ve been able to put up printable recipes in my posts. It always frustrated me when I wanted to print a recipe I found but had to resort to printing the whole article. No more of that here!
  • Any thoughts? Any requests? Any comments? Anything? Please let me know! I’m trying to be better at commenting back/thanking people for liking my posts/etc. I’m so thankful people actually read what I have to say and hope you’re getting something out of it.

That be all!

x Cakey


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