Unprecedented Update!

Hello friends, Romans, countrymen! (Oh, I made a funny. Please ignore that.)

Anyways, first off, I wanted to thank you for reading my posts – whether this is the first and/or only post you’re reading, whether you follow me or not, regardless of if you’ve been with me since the (awkward) beginning back in February, whatever your state in life, thank you. It may just be just a blog post to you, but it means a lot to me.

Cakey Bakes got a new layout, if you haven’t already noticed! The old one was kind of slow and I like this one quite a lot. It’s unfortunate I can’t afford WordPress’s $30 a year to further customize the theme, so this’ll have to do until I’m rich and famous.

If I can figure out how link parties work, tomorrow will mark the beginning of Wordless Wednesdays. If I can’t, which is the more likely option at the moment…next week will mark the beginning of Wordless Wednesdays.

AND if the link party doesn’t come to fruition, tomorrow will involve a guest post from a woman far classier and wittier than I, and I love her more than the recipe she has in store for you all. Thankfully, she doesn’t run a food blog, so no competition in that department, at least! (Ok, ignore that funny too) She’s grand, you’ll love her. Some of you may remember her from my first post (and this one). During the school year, she provides the iPhone camera, a certain amount of ingredients, a brilliant mind, and lots of shenanigans.

There are quite a few posts stored up in my drafts, too, so once I can focus my attention on one of them long enough to finish one, there will be more food and recipes and happiness. Honestly, I think I have commitment issues. But first, my skills at taste-testing are currently needed…


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